It doesn´t matter how hard you train, if you don´t complement your workout with an appropriate diet, you will hardly ever see the results you are looking for!

In Just CrossFit we will give you the correct nutritional guidance to help you achieve your fitness goals!

Let us introduce you your new food pyramid:

Healthy Xpress is a great option to eat deliciously healthy! They offer different meal plans based on your fitness goals! All meals are delivered to your door so you can have a healthy lifestyle without the hassle of prepping, cooking or cleaning! As a member at JustCrossfit you will have $10 off any meal plan, $30 bag/ice pack deposit fee waived and no need to commit for any length of time. All meals are delivered on Sundays ,Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoon to evening time. Healthy Xpress offers paleo, balanced and athlete meal plan with the additional $25 extra fee option of having special macro specific meals for those that want to get the most out of their plans! Contact them today! (305) 393 8735 or by email to info@healthyxpress.com